De Leuvense vroedvrouwerij

6 assets for mother en child

Experience and expertise

From the very start of your pregnancy util the first birthday, you are guided by a team of highly educated professionals with many years of top-notch experience.


We are available in and around Leuven (including Heverlee, Kessel-Lo, Wijgmaal and Wilsele), as well as Bertem, Bierbeek, Boutersem, Haacht, Herent, Holsbeek, Huldenberg, Lubbeek, Oud-Heverlee, Rotselaar, Tielt-Winge and Vossem. In Leuven, you will often see us travelling sustainably by bike.


For the best care offer, we share knowledge within our practice as well as with regional hospitals and other fellow care providers.

Tailor-made approach

Your new role as a fresh mom in a new family setting is central to us. During the intake interview and following consultations, we explore your needs and questions carefully and in depth.

Holistic vision

Mother and child are central to our care. Together, we look at what your needs are in terms of physical complaints, emotional balance and mood swinging with a close look on your daily surrounding.

Additional specializations

The expertise within our practice offers a great added value for all our clients cutting across a plethora of focused mother-child services: we offer lactation consultations, postpartum & pregnancy shiatsu with coaching, hormone balance with healthy lifestyle coaching, and many more.

Who is who?

Annemie Paquay


* Lactation consults

* Labour support at your home

* Preparation for birth

Our offer

Prenatal consultations at your home or in our practices.

  • Individual arrangements for labour, delivery and postpartum period.
  • Shiatsu: pregnancy massage.
  • Moxa: a gentle technique for turning the baby from breech to head position.
  • Labour support at your home.
  • Postpartum support until the first birthday
  • Medical follow-up
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Switch to solid food
  • Baby care support
  • Demonstration and guidance with how to tie a baby wrap carrier.
  • Postpartum coaching: post-natal concerns and during the (next) pregnancy.

Good practice logo

We proudly bear the good practice logo awarded by our national professional midwifery association VBOV. This means we are committed to meeting a plentiful of stringent requirements, such as high-quality and baby-friendly care, continuing education, respect for the deontological rules and ethical code of the profession, as well as financial transparency. You can read the full statement here.


We want to give all families best care opportunities they deserve. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss any further details related to your personal situation. 


The consultations are fully reimbursed by your health insurance funds of choice (mutualiteit) through a third-party payment scheme. We are all conventioned, meaning that we use the rates of the RIZIV. 

Prenatal personal workshop

If you wish to deepen your knowledge and prepare for your forthcoming labour and delivery, breastfeeding or maternity time, we are there to support you (and your partner) on a personal basis. This allows to discuss all key topics in an interactive workshop loaded with useful information, didactic materials, and tips, all tailored to your needs. 


Administrative costs

We want to set up, maintain and consult your file securely and digitally. This one-off file cost is charged during our first encounter. 


Flat rate

This one-time flat-rate fee covers our 24/7 availability, 7/7 care, medical equipment, breastfeeding pump and related administration. This lump sum is charged after the birth. 


Relocation expenses

We charge € 7 (0-5 km), € 9 (5-10 km) or € 11 (> 10 km) per home visit related to our travel costs and time and depending on where you live. The amount is fixed in advance and charged with an invoice afterwards. This bill is reimbursed by some of the hospitalisation insurance policies. 

€ 7, 9 or 11/visit


Midwifery practice Leuven (Leuvense Vroedvrouwerij)

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